Beautiful wooden kitchen worktops

Contemporary Kitchens offer a range of wooden worktops from it’s showroom.

Solid wood worktops offer a natural beauty that can transform your kitchen into a warm and homely haven. The traditional look of a solid wood kitchen worktop is simply unrivalled. One of the main benefits of investing in a solid wood worktop is that, unlike other materials which can succumb to damage and wear over time, solid wood will only grow more aesthetically pleasing with age. It will gain character and become richer in tone, which is something that is extremely desirable, especially in country-style kitchens.

Hard-wearing solid wood worktops

Although very hard-wearing, solid wood kitchen worktops can sometimes chip or scratch in extreme circumstances. However it is extremely easy to sand away any damage, so there is no need to spend huge amounts on repair work as you would need to for other worktop materials. Beautiful solid wood worktops do need a little maintenance to keep them strong and looking fantastic. Just a simple oil treatment does the trick every six to eight months. Solid wood worktops are also very sanitary – despite the grains in the wood, bacteria cannot harbour on the surface due to the wood being naturally bacteria resistant.

Worktops to complement both contemporary and rustic kitchen designs

No matter what style of kitchen you have in mind, the variety of different woods available such as Oak, Beech and Pine will all fit seamlessly into both modern and traditional designs. It’s worth mentioning too that homes with original features typically fetch high prices when the time comes to sell, and it is virtually impossible to buy a solid wood worktop that doesn’t enhance your kitchen with its own sense of character, so in fact your purchase can add a great deal of value to your home.

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August 20, 2015