When it comes to high robust value appliances, we trust one of our partners Siemens to provide that quality that you will not find in most washing machines nowadays. We are authorized agents for Siemens Appliances in Brighton & Hove. Well recognized and respected supplier of electrical goods means that you will not be disappointed by making an electrical purchase at either of our stores.

Siemens appliances has been at innovation’s cutting edge for over 160 years. The end game is a collection of Siemens kitchen appliances that can be mixed and matched to suit your lifestyle; all of them offering a perfect balance between eye-catching design and innovative technology. The newest Siemens iQ range that we use for our kitchens combine razor sharp looks harmonized with an array of cutting edge and easy to use functions and benefits.

All the Siemens Appliances are backed up by their excellent customer service. If ever you need an engineer, a replacement part or even help on how to get the most out of your kitchen appliance, the Siemens experts in United Kingdom are there to help. As well as being synonymous with reliability, quality and design Siemens have taken their appliances to the next level by investing in energy saving technologies. The German brand aims for the lowest possible energy consumption rates for their appliances. They are well under the average energy consumption rate of their competitors – This saves you money and helps the environment too.


August 20, 2014