Luxury Granite worktops

Granite worktops have always been considered the luxury work surface of choice. The beautiful reflection of the stone crystals add an elegant air to any interior and the materials hard-wearing properties ensure Granite installations will last for years and years to come.

Depending on the colour, rarity and quality of the material, Granite kitchen worktops can be seen as a sound investment for any property and are often a great selling point should you ever choose to sell your house in future. The kitchen is the focal point in any home and needs to be as practical as it is aesthetically beautiful – a Granite worktop will ensure that your kitchen not only looks stunning, but also delivers a contemporary workspace that’s versatile, sanitary and totally fit for purpose.

A Granite kitchen worktop to last a lifetime

Granite is formed deep under the earth’s surface and the beautiful marbling effect found on the surface of the material is completely natural. When Granite worktops are cared for properly with the correct sealant, they will remain heat, and scratch resistant. If you decide to add a new Granite kitchen worktop to your home, you can be sure it will last for as long as your house is standing and will not lose its shine and finish over time.


Contemporary Kitchens – striving for excellence in Granite installations

We pride ourselves on our expertise and our highly skilled kitchen fitters and installers all share the same passion for creating exquisite kitchens. We understand that Granite kitchen worktops need to be treated with a special amount of care during the installation process and this is why we only employ kitchen fitters and installers who are extremely talented, highly-skilled, and pride themselves on their craftsmanship. We can guarantee you’ll be wholly satisfied with our service, our products and the standard of work when you design and buy your kitchen through the Contemporary Kitchens.

For beautiful Granite worktops in Brighton, visit our showroom where you can see for yourself, what kind of stunning impact a Granite worktops could have on your kitchen.



August 20, 2016