Stunning Corian worktops in Brighton

Contemporary Kitchens is now a registered Corian fabricator. Corian kitchen worktops offer a superbly solid surface and offer many benefits for your home kitchen. The combination of acrylic resin and natural minerals used in the production of the material allow Corian to be fully flexible in terms of design, as it can be carved into almost any shape or size. Visually, Corian kitchen worktops can appear to be completely flawless, and the structure of Corian allows for seamless joints, resulting in that clean, smooth finish that’s so in demand from today’s homeowners.

Corian kitchen worktops now available in over 100 colours

With over 100 colours and patterned designs available, it is the versatility of Corian worktops that sets this quality material apart from any other. It’s easy to see why Corian kitchen worktops seem to be the work surface of choice nowadays – the solid surface of a Corian worktop is non-porous and will not hold moisture or stains, which means that germs can be removed quickly and easily with an antibacterial solution, leaving the Kitchen worktop hygienic and ready for food use in a matter of seconds. This makes Corian the material of choice for families and those who love to entertain.

Resistant to heavy impact and day-to-day damage

A Corian worktop is unequivocally hard-wearing and more than able to withstand all kinds of daily activities that may typically damage a work surface. However, if a minor scratch were to appear, it is easier than ever to correct the problem simply by using every day cleaning products. You can also incorporate a sink into your new Corian kitchen worktop, which allows you to accentuate that flawless finish and achieve a truly contemporary design.

For more information on our exceptional range of Corian worktops in Brighton, call us directly or drop into our showroom. Here you’ll be able to speak to a member of staff who has an extensive knowledge of our Corian products and will be able to help you come to the right decision.


August 20, 2018